My LONDON time

I’ve always thought about living an abroad experience when the right time will have come and after my graduation I knew that was that time. I packed my stuff and bought a ticket for…London! 

I visited the city twice before, and I loved it as a tourist, but living it has a total different taste, of course. There’s a lot of places to see and hidden spots to discover, but most of all, every day is challenging. I’ve already met a bunch of people who, from complete strangers, are now my friends, and hopefully there are going to be more.

Sometimes it’s hard, I’m not going to lie, because you’re family and all-life friends are far away, and just sometimes you are allowed to have down moments, everyone does. When it happens to me, I let it in, breathe, and start thinking at all the things that I’m grateful for and at all the goals that I’m achieving thanks to the decisions that I’ve made and keep making.

The beauty is all around us, we just have to pay attention.


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