Speaking of….Halloween!!IMG_7599

Tonight is the 31st of October, the one night when the dead souls can come back to life. A few days ago I visited the Highgate Cemetery, so what best occasion to talk about it! 

The cemetery opened in 1839 and became a very fashionable place for burials. After a while the rumours about various ghostly encounters started. Nowadays, with more than 170.000 people buried and 53.000 graves, Highgate is not only a cemetery but a nature reserve, as well. The grounds are full of wild flowers, shrubbery and trees grew without human influence.  IMG_7596

I’ve always found cemeteries such intriguing places. Despite the obvious fact that they’re a sad spot to visit, they’re also so peaceful and, in a certain sense, full of life. When I’m there I often found myself walking aimlessly, wondering who all these people used to be, how they lived their lives, if they made the most of it or if they regretted something, who they loved and if they were loved back. Maybe it happens to everyone, to have these thoughts, I don’t know; to me it does.

Definitely something to see, especially if you’re kind of a weirdo like me!IMG_7635IMG_7603IMG_1142



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