UNDERGROUND Halloween attire


Let’s just pretend for a second that I picked this dress just because of Halloween and not because I fell in love with it in the exact same moment that I saw it (and started thinking straight away how make it work for that night). Let’s just pretend that I was looking for something like this and I’ve been extremely lucky that day. Let’s just pretend, again, that I REALLY look like a 60’s Black Widow and let me go away with it. 

Anyway, I love this dress, as you can probably tell. I was looking for something similar for a long time but I wasn’t feeling that brave to actually wear a piece that see-through, until I saw this one. The facts that make it win, for me, are the high neck and long-length-without-slits details, that combined together with the lace make it look more elegant and sophisticated.FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-5IMG_8304

I ended up spending my night around London with some friends, doing nothing more than the usual; but, hey, when you’re with the right people there’s nothing better you can do.

On me:  -dress: H&M -earcuff: H&M -heels: ZARA
On me:
-dress: H&M (Similar)
-earcuff: H&M (Similar)
-heels: ZARA (Similar)

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