I went to the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition that took place at the Saatchi Gallery, in Chelsea, London. I’ve never had what they call “a real Chanel experience”, but I suppose that if I had, it would have been similar to this one. 

It was an exhibition, so, it was kinda like a guided tour, but without the proper guide (even better, for me). It was split in between 3 floors and thought as a journey through the origins of CHANEL’s creations and creativity.


Now, there’s my favorite part. The part were there were exposed some of the Haute Couture pieces they made and a photo gallery of them being worn. IMG_7898IMG_7897FullSizeRenderIMG_7899FullSizeRender_4

The way they’ve been exposed, with this flash of light passing through them, was incredibly clever, because it helped making the all experience not only a visual one but a sensorial one, as well. Besides, the all exhibition was like that. It was supposed to involve the most high possible number of senses. FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants -Coco Chanel


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