Layers in Covent Garden


Festive and Christmas spirit. Those are the first two worlds that come in my mind as soon as I look at this picture. 

I went at Covent Garden the past Sunday, after work, and I suddenly found myself surrounded by Christmas lights. Something like this is exactly what cheers me up and makes me feel positive and blessed. But this is probably how it works for the majority of people, isn’t it?




That day I was playing with earth colors, such as brown, green, yellow and grey. If you take this pieces individually they’re kinda comfy and effortless, but wearing them together gave that dressed-up sensation that everyone, sometimes, needs.

Considering that, usually, when I want to feel comfy I tend to grab the first thing which is oversize or boyfriend-style that I spot in my wardrobe, I really appreciate when I manage to do it wearing something that, although comfortable, it also looks nice and girly.






 On me:



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