Let’s COAT!


Which is one of the smartest places to go to if the winter is approaching and you need a good quality / well made / not-to-expensive / looking-cute-wearing-it coat? 

My answer is Zara.

I’ve always liked coats, but I used to keep just one or two in my closet and ended up wearing always the same jacket. This year, instead, I apparently became slightly obsessed with them 🙂

Zara, for me, has always been a “safe” brand, a place that, the minute I step in one of their stores, I know that I’m going to find something that I really like. I find their outwear range, this season, simply amazing. There are a lot of models you can choose from, different colors (even for the same model), textures and styles. There’s so much choice that you are going to be able to find something for almost every occasion, from casual to professional.

One of my favourite style at the moment, in terms of coats, is the masculine one, as you can probably tell from the photos that I chose. I find it suitable for a lot of different outfit ideas and super easy to wear, thanks to its clear lines; plus, it’s quite simple to be dressed up.

Smart and nice, always a good combo.

In order:



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