The festive shoes


The holiday season/Christmas edition is, sadly, over but here comes some sparkling action that can’t be missed in this period of the year.

I saw this pair of shoes a few days before Christmas, during one of my usual Zara visits and, as soon as I spotted them, the first thing that came in my mind was a picture of Carrie Bradshaw, crossing a Manhattan street, in them. I fell in love immediately. I thought that they were perfect for the festive period and especially for Christmas day. I find them sparkling, but in a moderate way, elegant thanks to the pointy toe and not boring, cause of the color and the material (suede).

I know that they’re more an occasional pair of shoes rather than an everyday (or even an every weekend) one; I know that you can’t wear them all the time but, hey, a pair of Carrie Bradshaw shoes for 69,99£? It has to be love.

You can find them here in the Zara Uk site but, cause they’re on sale right now, they only have the size 3 still available (for 39,99£).

If you go on the Zara IT website, instead, they’re not on sale but you can find almost all the sizes.



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