Drop of Grey


How amazing is it, when you end up wearing something that truly reflects your personality and you feel extremely comfort in?

Sometimes I wake up and the only thing I want is wearing something casual and comfy, one of my go-to without thinking and matching colors and patterns, something “easy”. Sometimes I feel inspired but apparently I have nothing to wear, or my brains doesn’t work along with me and I can’t put together something decent, and the only inspired thing left is the idea of the inspiration. Sometimes, instead, without even thinking about it too much I end up wearing something that really represents me, or at least a part of my personality, and makes me feel comfortable and ready to start the day with the right attitude. And, well, when it happens, it’s SATISFACTION.













On me:


7 thoughts on “Drop of Grey

      1. It’s definitely worth it! This lipstick is the first that I ever tried from Toyshop (considering that I used to go for Kiko products most of the times back in Italy) but I was looking for something really into the deep purple tones and, well, there I found it 🙂

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