NY State Of Mind


Who hasn’t dreamt at least once to go to NYC? Who has grown up watching Sex and the City and wanted to walk down the same streets, eating on the same bench at that same park? I did.

After my graduation, the past November, I decided that was the time for an adventure, it was my “now or never” moment, it was MY time, MY chance and I decided to take it and not let the fear of something unknown restrain me. So, I booked my ticket and the first of January I left for NY.

I lived there for three months, and it was amazing! I loved the city, it was exactly how I expected it to be, but more real, so even better. You can feel the city and the people living in it, walking with them, you can feel the vibrant vibe that, in that place, is everywhere.

NY is a really chaotic city, everyone is running somewhere at every single time of the day, but somehow I felt at peace in the middle of that chaos. There’s a lot of beautiful parks in there, and when you walk inside one of them, for how small it could be, you can barely hear the noise coming from the outside, from the streets, the cars, the people screaming…they’re like an oasi where you can loose yourself for a while and take a break.

In a city like that, big and crowded, you’re one in a million and no-one is really paying attention at you, or even if they do (cause you’re acting like a weirdo) they’re going to forget it straight away(everyone is so used to everything). I felt that I could have been myself there, and even someone else if I wanted to. The interesting and surprising thing is that even if everyone tends to mind his own business, all the people in there are super helpful and nice when they talk to you. If you seem lost they stop to ask you if you need help; if an older or less able to stand person step into the bus or the underground, even if they’re super packed, there’s always someone that stand in order to let him/her sit, no matter what.

At the end, even if I couldn’t been able to work in there (cause of my type of Visa and the law that doesn’t allow it) and I ended up spending a looot of money (I come from a super normal family and the money that I went away with were the ones that I used to save from the time I was working, during my years at university, plus some “graduation presents”) I would re-make the same choice all over again, cause sometimes is not about the money you’re spending or what you’re missing but is about what you’re gaining in terms of life experience and emotions felt. Sometimes it’s about memories that are going to stay with you, inside you, forever. Sometimes it’s simply about making a dream come true, believing in it.

I met a lot of people and some of them became good friends; I saw stunning places, places that I used to see through the tv screen and never seriously thought, at the time, that one day I could have done something like that (packing and leaving, for real!!!); I experimented with myself, I pushed my own limits, I learned, I cried, I smiled, I laughed…I lived.






















I loved you, and I still do!

Sincerely yours,



8 thoughts on “NY State Of Mind

    1. Thanks Miriam! I actually did (fell in love) and if I think about it I just miss it so much, but at the same time I feel blessed to have had such a great opportunity in making that kind of experience! Definitely recommended!! 😉

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