Black x Camel


Looking for…

This autumn/winter I went completely crazy with coats and jackets. Following this lead, the most natural consequence was, for me, to find a nice camel coat.

It wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be.

Nowadays you can find this kind of coats everywhere, but lots of them are not quite right to me. Maybe it’s the fabric, or the style, or the way they look once you put them on…or maybe it’s just me, being tremendously fussy 🙂

Then, when I was in Barcelona, I went to Zara and I spotted this one piece that seemed perfect for me (you know when you’re thinking of buying something and you are already imagining yourself wearing that particular piece, with all the details in the right place, even if you haven’t found it yet?).

That’s how it all happened. Love at first sight, just in time for Valentine’s day.

So I was thinking..if you don’t have a boyfriend, and even if you do, let’s go grab a coat anyway.











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