A sunny day in London…

…what’s the best occasion to wear this moto-suede-jacket, if not this one?

I purchased this piece last autumn, after just a couple of months in England, ignoring that it was already too late (and too cold) to be able to wear it straight away.

So here we are now. The first sun means the first chance to do it!

I love the moto/biker style for the leather/suede jackets like this one. This time I decided to style it in terms of giving a little bit of edge at the entire look, but it’s a piece that is so handy and versatile that you can style it in many different ways, and none of them will be boring.

The problem is, with this kind of jackets, that I can’t stop wearing them once I’ve started…can you?










On me:


2 thoughts on “Rock’n’Roll

  1. Totally with you. Once I got my little leather Moto jacket I couldn’t wear anything else. Your shoes are to die for too xx


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