Paris 2.0


Paris…one of the most magical city in the world…

I remember one of the first times that I saw Paris was when I was watching Sabrina, with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, on my couch. In the movie, she was in real love with this city, and me, as a kid, I felt the same way.

They always say that Paris is magical, that the air that you breathe there is different, that everything is romantic…now, I don’t know why (and I don’t even want to find out, ruining all the fun) but it’s true. Once you’re there everything seems more soft and…rose.

Maybe all of this is possible thanks to the old and classic buildings of the city, or the characteristic chimneys, or all the boulangeries and the baguettes, the smell of them, the Louvre, the Tourre Eiffel, the Seine and the 37 bridges that cross it…maybe all of them together create an illusion…or maybe the feeling is real as me and you…maybe the magic is in the not knowing..












3 thoughts on “Paris 2.0

  1. Paris is such a beautiful city isn’t it? This post makes me want to go back right away. There is definitely a magic about it. I love the old buildings, arts and croissants 🙂


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