Last but not Least


The last day spent in Paris…

I believe there’s no better way to get to know a city to get lost in it. You can plan how much you want, but the best thing that could ever happen is to leave the track, even the one that you’ve prepared for yourself, and explore, free. With any chances, you’re gonna find places that you didn’t even know they existed; you’re gonna see the world with the eyes of a child.

Actually, if you think about it, this principle works even if you want to know yourself. I mostly discovered things that I didn’t know about myself when I wasn’t questioning or paying attention, at all. When I was focusing on something else. In the meantime that you’re doing something, or talking with someone, here it comes, like a revelation. And then you realized why in that situation you acted like that, why you said such things in a specific environment…

So, at the end, it’s true. Good things really come (often, at least) when you’re not looking for them.











When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me



On me:


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